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The primary mission of the LACM Foundation is to provide financial assistance to aspiring musicians in the form of scholarship funding toward the pursuit of a college degree in music, as well as to offer support of organizations working to develop and educate young musicians as they grow toward the age of college entrance. It is the belief of the organization that all who wish to pursue the study of music should have the access, opportunity and financial ability to do so regardless of socioeconomic background. The LACM Foundation also specializes in providing support in the form of goods and services, making music programs and equipment available to those who need assistance and resources.

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The Newly formed LACM Foundation is excited to support endeavors that promote the value of music. In our first year, we plan to partner with other institutions which continue to develop music education. We are excited to build new pathways for music education because believe that all who seek to learn and develop a career in music should have the opportunity.